Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour; A Unique Concept

Combine Dutch and Canadian student groups and challenge them for a physical activity. Provide them with knowledge and information on what happened during the First and Second World War and show them the places where it all happened. Let them feel and experience these places, let them listen to personal stories of those involved. The result: a unique experience impacting each student personally with a life changing event and a real committed social group. Something, with all due respect, can not be taught from a school book.

The purpose of the tour is to have students experience that this should not happen again. During the tour we would like to focus on lessons learned. Students are involved for commemoration services, are visiting several museum and dark places from recent history. To have them experience this we expect that they

will contribute as ambassadors of freedom to free and tolerant society, both locally and globally.

The Canadian and Dutch students in this way set direction in a new way on commemoration and take over from the veterans, the last witnesses of war. They are the ambassadors of freedom and do honor all our

liberators. It is up to them how they will commemorate in the future.