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Joel Stoppels Battlefield Tours

Joël Stoppels is a battlefield guide and founder of the Battlefield Tours.

He did research in different allied operations during the Second World War in Holland and is now an expert. By means of the Battlefield Tours he shares his knowledge with other people who are interested in the Second World War. “The battle to liberate Holland was so severe and heavy, it took so many lives, that it should not be forgotten”, is Joëls conviction. In the summer of 2012 he started with guided tours under the name ‘Battlefield Tours Groningen’. Aimed at students in primary and secondary education, Joël brings the personal history of the liberation to life by different educational programs during the tours. The young historian has a mission: he believes it is very important to keep the memories of the war alive.

Every year there are less people who actually experienced the war. Young people should be aware that freedom is the most important condition for individuals and for a country. It can be lost very quickly, but you do not get it back easily. In the Second World War soldiers form other countries helped us, they did fight for our freedom and many died for it. Let us never forget and be grateful that we live in freedom in this country until today. Joël Stoppels is member van The International Guild of Battlefield Guides, badgenumber 70.

Like the Canada Committee, Joël Stoppels gives awareness to Young Adults that freedom isn’t for granted. This Cycle Liberation Tour is a good oppotunity to combine our goals. We see in Joël Stoppels a perfect partner to share our goals with the Cyclist.

Liberation Route

Two countries, one spirit´. This text was written on the T-shirts which where printed and spread in Canada in 2015. Orange in colour, printed with the famous maple leave and the number 70 in the red, white and blue (Dutch national flag). This T-shirt referred to the end of the Second World War, 70 years ago. The text shows the powerful bond between Canada and the Netherlands which emerged during the war. Because it is mainly thanks to the Canadian soldiers that the Netherlands regained its freedom in 1945.

The Canadians also have a prominent role in the Liberation Route Europe. On this European remembrance trail, which follows the footsteps of the Western allied forces in 1944-1945 in Europe, you can find many examples which demonstrate the actions of our oversees hero’s in the Netherlands and abroad. In the provinces of Zeeland and the Western part of Brabant extensive attention is paid to the Battle of the  Scheldt. At the end of 1944 many Canadians fought fierce battles with the German soldiers to obtain the river Scheldt.

Thousands of fallen soldiers found their final resting place on the Canadian Cemeteries in the Netherlands in Holten, Groesbeek and Bergen-op-Zoom. While the Dutch princess Juliana and her daughters found safety in Canada, lots of young Canadian soldiers gathered their courage and headed for the Netherlands to liberate the country and the rest of Europe.Furthermore, in the many museums which are part of the Liberation Route Europe the stories of the Canadian forces are told. In, amongst others, the Liberation Museum Zeeland you can see with your own eyes how the men were dressed, what they carried with them and which route they took towards the liberation.

The Liberation Route Europe also tells the story of the other Western allied forces. The route crosses over 6 European countries (United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland) and can be followed in any way you prefer. If you want to know where to go or what happened during the war, you can download our historical app via Google Play or the App Store. Discover the history, look at the pictures and video’s, listen to the exciting audio stories or read the impressive biographies online.

Do you want to know more about the Canadians during the liberation of (Western) Europe and all other historical stories in 1944-1945? Visit our website or download the app!