Canadian Kick-off Cycle Liberation Tour 2015

In august 2014, during a visit of the dutch cyclist group from the 2013 tour and a couple Comity members, the official kick-off was done of the coming 2015 tour. The first town to visit was Midland, were about 17 cyclist and comity members were present. The official kick-off in Midland was hosted inside the local Legion. There was a lot of attention from the locals and also the Pipe band was there to support our cyclist. We can say we had a very warm welcome in Midland! The first magazine was handed from our Dutch Veteran Erik Paskamp to Mr. Frank Graham himself. This off course, because we named the tour after him. Also his Wife Mary was there to support all of us, and hopefully to see each other again in 2015.

Besides Frank Graham there were other veterans like Bert Reynolds. For a long while already, Bert is closely involved in many visits to Markelo and was there in 2013 when the first tour was initiated. Off course Bert got a magazine from the comity as well. Another familiar face for our 2013 cyclist was the major of Midland, Gordon McKay. Luckily Gordon got re-elected and hopefully he is able to join the 2015 tour in Markelo. Midland, the organising comity and especially Chester Graham, thanks again for everything and the nice and pleasant stay we Dutchies had in Canada.

After a rough tour in the bush (Alconquin Park) and a quick shave, we arrived in Chatham. In Chatham we had the second unveiling of the new tour magazine at Dottie Laurie’s poolside. With our very special guests, major Randy Hope and our veteran Hugh Johnston. We were pleased to have them as our special guests.

The whole trip was great success, due to a lot of special attention and affords from our local hosts to make our visit unforgettable. Thanks again for everything! 

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