The Canada Comity visits Camp Westerbork

The Canada Comity visits Camp Westerbork

One of the route points in the Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour of 2015 is deportation camp Westerbork in Holland. The tour comes closer and closer, with only 4 months ahead of us the Canada Comity visited camp Westerbork. So we could explain our mission and develop a memorable program for the 2 days we spend over there.

From 15 July 1942 until 13 September 1944, about 107.000 people got transported from Westerbork to the death camps Auschwitz and Sobibor. Among those thousands of people was the girl named, Anne Frank. Who the most of you will probably know. She got exported to Auschwitz and later she got transported again, to Bergen Belsen were she lost her live.

The tour arrives at Westerbork on the 29th of April,  according to the program right now. The tour is traveling from Bergen Belsen to Holland. On the 30th of April there is a cycling tour planned for the cyclist, called the Westerbork path. This is a walking and cycling path from Amsterdam to Westerbork, which has all the historical places of WW2 along the route. We are only doing part of this tour, because of the memorial service in the afternoon.

In the afternoon the pipe-band and our Guest families will be invited to join the tour and together remember the fallen soldiers and the millions of lives who were lost in the second world war. Together with the organization of Camp Westerbork we were excited about the program and are sure this will be a memorable service for them. “last we forget”.

Later more news about the Westerbork visit. 

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