Side Events

In addition to the Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour we also stimulate local commemoration projects. In past years we involved primary school kids in the art project ‘Art for Freedom’. The winning art project was copied by real artist and was dedicated by Frank Graham in 2015. This year, the tour participants being our ambassadors of freedom, were challenged with a task to involve schoolkids in the project “French Fries by Frank and Bert”. These youngsters will be challenged to think about the war and if both veterans are able to make the journey from Canada to the Netherlands once again they will have French fries with these kids, followed by a junior disco.

We will also investigate the possibility to name a Dutch tulip after the Frank Graham. The tulip is the trail we follow during the cycle tour.  The dedication of this tulip by Frank and his spouse Mary, will be one of the highlights of this tour and will once again continue the close relationships between the Netherlands and Canada. It was Ottawa who offered members of our Queens family a safe haven and in return over ten thousand tulips are sent to Canada every year.