Five percent of the Dutch population supported the resistance, but many did provide some form of support. The real percentage is therefore much higher. Without this support it would have been impossible to host over 300.000 hiders.  Almost 200.000 Dutch were arrested for providing support and 2000 of them were shot. Others were imprisoned or transported to the concentration camps. In total 250.000 were killed during the occupation, half of them being Jewish.

During the Cycle Tour we will visit several museums, places of interest and remembrance locations, focusing on the citizens that supported the Resistance. Who were these man and women and why did they provide so much support?

Quite a number of Dutch citizens escaped to England during World War II, from there they were trained and coordinated the Dutch resistance. Many England voyagers didn’t make it. They drowned, were arrested or killed. Those that crossed the border and made the transfer were interrogated first to prevent hostile espionage.

Screened resistance heroes were invited by Queen Wilhelmina. During the tour we will visit the Dover Castle tunnels. These tunnels hid a hospital and the Castle was used to mislead the German occupier that from this place the invasion to the mainland would be prepared. The real invasion was in fact planned for Normandy, the place the first edition of the Frank Graham Cycle Liberation Tour started.

After our visit in the UK we will commence our cycle tour in the province of Zeeland and continue our search for these resistance heroes through the Netherlands by bike and bus.

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19-4-17 Markelo Noordwijk
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23-4-17 Lewes Eastbourn
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24-4-17 Canterbury - Accommodation in Noord Holland
25-4-17 Noord Holland Afsluitdijk
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26-4-17 Leeuwarderadeel Leeuwarden
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